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“Outbound sales is broken.

It’s the hardest job with the fewest tools and the highest expectations. Bounti changes all of that.”

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Matt Cooley

How does Bounti work?

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Automated research

Stop spending hours on research. We’ll find your ideal accounts in seconds.
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Tailored insights

We map your solutions to your prospect’s business objectives and pain points.  In seconds.
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Personalized emails

Forget blast emails. Use Bounti to personalize every word and send more messages that count.
52% of sales people miss quota every year

Book more meetings and hit your targets with Bounti by getting in front of the right accounts with the right message at the right time.

Stop stressing. Start selling.

Our Company


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Leverage AI to help humans

We aren’t trying to replace humans. We’re here to help them excel.
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Enable teams to be their best

We create a more bountiful future for everyone by fostering blameless, always-learning culture.
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Help great products win

We equip sales teams with the right tools at the right time so that no great product fails.


Ashar Rizqi

Ashar Rizqi

Matt Cooley

Matt Cooley


Lew Cirne

Board Member



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Integrity, Respect and Kindness

We hold ourselves to the highest standard. We show gratitude, admit mistakes, and lift each other up.
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Collaboration and Transparency

We work together. We believe that we do our best work when everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive without fear.
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Our commitment to customers drives everything we do. We're focused on results and value that resonate with those we serve.